Claude Nougaro, a famous french singer, used to sing about his city, ‘its accent like a torrent of pebbles, its pinch of tiles…’ The very theme of this song takes its source in the melody of the Minimes’ carillon, the one he heard in his childhood. It is in the Eighties that this song rose in popularity and became emblematic of the city. It has become the unofficial anthem, a symbol of this Gascony city. Indeed, this lament which was initially intended to be full of resentment finally becomes a song of love.
How can we remain unmoved by the beauty of the Pink City?

Toulouse is the French city where you can find the most private mansions dating from the 16th century. The city contains in its streets and alleys real architectural marvels. Marked by its unique pebble and brick, whose warm red/orange color earned it the nickname of “Ville Rose“, its center and its ring roads determine one of the largest protected sectors in France. The city of Gascony has many remarkable buildings: the Capitol, the Salle des Illustres, the Basilica of Saint Sernin to name but a few. It is these architectural jewels that pushed STYLES to develop its activity there. Toulouse and the DNA of our company are one and the same. A real love at first sight…

Property sold by Styles

In the shadow of the Pyrenees, the tempo of the city is given by the quiet and continuous courses of the Canal du Midi and the Garonne. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, the Canal runs through the city for about ten kilometers. The quays of its big sister, the Garonne, were built in the 18th century. The Henri-Martin quays and the Tounis quay, made of brick, offer refreshing walks. At dusk, on the quays of the Daurade, the Pont Neuf, a true masterpiece that connects the two banks, will seem to sparkle in the Toulouse night.

The banks of the Garonne

In every remarkable city there is exceptional property. A confidential townhouse in the elegant Busca district, a contemporary villa in the Chalets, a Toulouse house in the Carmes district, castles, a property of several hectares, a mansion… Passion, energy and know-how have allowed STYLES to develop an impressive real estate portfolio in the most exclusive districts and surroundings of the Gascony city.

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Toulouse, a pink city or a green city? The city boasts numerous green spaces. More than 160 gardens and 600 green spots adorn its main boulevards, squares and streets… The Royal Garden, which extends beyond the old medieval fortifications, offers a delightful walk. As for the Jardin des Plantes, it is located in the heart of the city, close to its inhabitants.

A walk in one of the many parks of the city

From contemporary art to Asian culture, aeronautics and fine arts, Toulouse has a special place for culture and heritage. Monuments, museums, galleries, the city of Gascony abounds. Take the Saint Raymond Museum for example, which focuses on the city’s ancient history. Nearly 1000 pieces found during archaeological excavations in the region are exhibited on the second floor of the museum. Decoration, tableware, jewelry, mosaics, this collection tells us a lot about the origins and organization of the Roman city: Tolosa.
The Georges-Labit Museum offers one of the most beautiful French collections of oriental art. It is in the exoticism of a villa with a sharp architecture that we discover pieces coming from Japan, China, India, Mongolia… For a unique sensory experience, the visit begins in the gardens.
Whether you are sensitive to sculpture, science, or contemporary art, Toulouse will definitely seduce you.

The Basilica of Saint Sernin – An architectural wonder

It is difficult to mention the Pink City without mentioning its pleasant lifestyle and generous gastronomy. The tables are overflowing with regional specialties that delight our taste buds. Numerous starred and renowned chefs wirk within its pink bricks. Brunchs, rooftops, bar-shows, cocktails on the terrace, the city is a lively, gourmet, dynamic. Toulouse proudly represents Occitania, what are you waiting for?

A lovely house with typical architecture

Our Must-do in Toulouse:

– The café de la Concorde at the Chalets
– The Castle of Reynerie
– The Museum of the Old Toulouse
– The City of Space
– The “Abattoirs”
– The Augustins Museum
– The “Quai des savoirs”
– The Hotel d’Assézat
– The Convent of the Jacobins

Cocktail & terrace


The “Cinespaña” Festival from October 1st to 10th 2021
The 26th International Festival “Toulouse les Orgues”, from October 5th to 17th 2021
The “Jazz en Comminges” Festival, from October 28th to 31st 2021

Saint Raymond Museum