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10 Place Vendôme
75001 PARIS
+33 (0)952 346 611

Hôtel de Flaux, 7 rue Pélisserie
30700 UZES
+33 (0) 466 036 369

STYLES Montpellier
10 rue du Palais des Guilhem (angle Place de la Canourgue)
+33 (0) 467 861 993

STYLES Saint-Tropez
10 Place Vendôme
75001 PARIS
+33 (0) 664 638 021

Recruitment :

STYLES develops and looks for talents to accompany his(her,its) development. Various offers of recruitments sound available, do not thus hesitate to contact us.
We look for collaborators and for passionate collaborators above all...

Publications :

We make publications in various magazines in France (Properties Le Figaro, Lux Residence, the express, challenges, new the Ob), as well as on foreign magazines: Herald Tribune, New York Times).

Conscious of the transformations of the job(business) by real estate agent since the development of internet, we have for years now, adapted our communication to be present on this inescapable(major) media, which has redefines completely our job(business).

We publish(edit) news letters resuming(taking back) our new properties(goods). We boost(relaunch) ceaselessly buyers to know at best the evolutions of their search(research) es) but also our announcements to appear always in front page, what appears to us more than essential.

Our announcements are always broadcast(diffused), also custom-made product, on supports(media) the most adapted to every real property. We are so in partnership with: Explorimmo, Immovision, the Figaro groups, Lux Residence, to Find accommodation
We are also present on international supports(media) such as: Luxury Estate, Immostreet, Outdoes(Subsidizes) Rent …

We cooperate with numerous agencies abroad: in Switzerland, Benelux, United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Australia, Emirates, Russia ...

Our collaborators also benefit from networks favored to propose the properties(goods) in the sale, in the purchase or in the rent. The communication enters all the team being also our signature. We also work in narrow relation with numerous solicitors, business bankers, architects, decorators...

Do not also hesitate to consult our accounts instagram, Facebook, to tweet ...

To inform you of our news, our novelties and our crushes, do not hesitate to join us. These spaces are dedicated to you and live essentially by our respective exchanges.

Bienvenue chez STYLES

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