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Happy New Year !

Voeux STYLES 2021
The STYLES team wishes you a very happy new year 2021. Once again this year, we will have the chance to accompany our clients in their life projects, and to attend the meeting between the properties we represent, and their new occupants. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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It is the story of the dream of some meeting the passion of others…

Des vignes, des lavandes, des oliviers...

Mark, of the agency of Uzès, is contacted at the beginning of the year by a couple living on the other side of the Atlantic, Madam is French, Mr American, they wish to acquire a residence between Uzès and Montpellier, the idea being to find the French roots, to benefit between friends from the softness of the south the time of some escapades, a completely atypical product held their attention. A part of hamlet, a case with its own lanes between the units, madame wants to live there two weeks to see if she would feel at home there. Mark makes the necessary arrangements, the appointment is made.

The stay is not conclusive, there is something missing from the project, a warmth, a feeling of being “at home”, Mark is thinking of something, he recently visited a sheepfold that he has not yet been commissioned to build, it is 40 km from the desired location, and well below the budget that the couple is willing to allocate. However, he has the feeling that this is their home, the atmosphere they are looking for, they have to meet each other! He evokes the possibility of this property, describes its blonde stones, its charm and its unique atmosphere… and that’s where the magic happens, without even having visited it, without the frame having been set yet, the excitement rises on both sides, you can feel it, maybe that’s it.

A preserved cachet

These are the moments that make our job, when we select our properties we dream that they are someone else’s dream, that a family or a person can project themselves into them, project the happiness to come. Acquiring a property is not insignificant, it is a projection of ourselves in a place and it is up to us to pay enough attention to the demand but also to our feelings to guide and satisfy the desires and needs not evoked by our customers, it is an alchemy that is created.

The lavender fields

Mark takes over the mandate of this 450m2 sheepfold on 1.6 hectares of lavender fields, olive trees and vines… The couple moves in, and the love at first sight is there. The meeting took place. Did they choose the place or did the house choose them? Who knows ? But Magic happened !

A chic bohemian pool area

This is the story of this beautiful property, sold by STYLES on a confidential mandate in May 2020. Are you too ready for this tailor-made and confidential experience?

STYLES 10 place Vendôme – Paris, +33(0)952 346 611,

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To live somewhere to inhabit the space

Vivre quelque part où habiter l’espace…

Layla Philip, Yoga teacher between the South of France and Morocco, creator of “THEYOGiINME” (Yoga rooms, training courses, courses abroad…) shares with us her singular and very true view of her “home”; how to invest a place, to live in it, to appropriate it.

To live somewhere to inhabit the space. As far as I can remember, I have never had a single home, first my mother’s in France, my father’s in Morocco. Moving from one, the town house and the summer house on the other. The habit of being mobile and of quickly adopting new places, of making spaces of one’s own, or of finding one’s own space has imposed itself on me. Creating in the child, teenager and adult that I am now, an ability to adapt and feel at home almost anywhere. I am as much a mover as a traveller, I feel as if I were embarking on a journey to a faraway country as when I arrived in my new home, something of a discovery and adaptation.

“I never arrive in a new house with preconceived ideas, I first listen to the walls and then I let them guide me”.

Layla Philip

Being rather a follower of the old one and the stories it has to tell us, I never arrive in a new house with preconceived ideas, I first listen to the walls and then I let them guide me, to give a spirit, a decoration to the place. That’s the way I’ve always done it, Place – Spirit – Decoration. As I grew up, not to say aged, I added the idea of comfort and practicality, to no longer simply live, but to live too, to function. The privileges (or needs) of age, where for some, practicality takes precedence over the spirit of place, I had to “work” to integrate this part. I live here, I live there. It would be like making the distinction between just passing through and impregnating the walls with who we are. Living in a place is like embodying a body, respecting its needs, respecting oneself, the walls; perspectives must speak to us, tell us a story. Today’s story, new at every moment, or that of those who built before us. The house is no longer an ornament, it tells our aspirations, our studies, our dreams.

Our recent experience with containment has certainly tipped many of us into more than just “living somewhere”. The birth of the pleasure of finally “living” or the frustration of not finally feeling our marks or our impregnations in what was until now our home, the home, the place of our joys, habits and turbulence, the intimate, deposited every day within these walls. There are walls that resonate with noise, others that resonate with history. They support us, inspire us, recharge us. The garden so constrained to maintain a few years ago becomes the place of the possibility of a life, the real life, that of rhythms independent of us, that of harvests, that of scents, and above all that of a space where nature has its place, inviting us to respect our own.

“Our recent experience with containment has certainly tipped many of us into more than “living somewhere”.”

layla philip

I am writing these lines in front of the horizon that is the ocean, an artist’s loft perched above a fabulous lagoon. In a few months I will leave this shelter, this glassed-in place, open but not enough, I felt like land and space, and I am already sailing between these sunsets over the clear waters and the fertile land of our family farm, I am going to go and live in these acres of abundance, and live in a small earthen house, renovated to give me all the comfort I need. And I know that I will still haunt some houses, because I am made that way. Nomadic.

Layla Philip, The wild clinic, septembre 2020

Find Layla in her different adventures on Instagram : @the_wild_clinic  &  @theyogiinme_formations